We host events at the Vineyard throughout the growing season and also attend the occasional festival.  The events held at the Farm and Vineyard are especially fun, as it is a family- affair.  There are Pizza Nights with handmade pizza in a wood-fired oven and Vineyard Dinners featuring local farms….and there is always plenty of wine to pour and enjoy.
This year we will be hosting another round of ‘Vineyard Dinners’ which are hosted twice a month on Sunday evenings.  The dinners are open to the public and feature our wine and locally sourced (usually grilled) dinners.  It is a great opportunity to feast with friends and neighbors and take in a sunset in the mountains of Huntington, Vermont.
The menus will be posted closer to the event.  If you would like to attend a dinner this season, check back here and follow us on Facebook.
The dates for this season’s grilled dinners along with details will be listed once the growing season begins.