Grapes & Wine

marqMarquette: is a cousin of Frontenac and grandson of Pinot Noir.  It is our most robust dry red (and the most talked about VT red wine) with blackberry, cherry and black current flavors.  Lots of personality! As a red wine, Marquette represents a new standard in ‘cold hardy’ grapes.



Frontenac:  Our lively red wine named for the grape, with cherry, berry & plum flavors and aromas.  It has a deep garnet color and is light to medium bodied.  It can be enjoyed as a red wine, rose or port.




Frontenac Gris: Our bright & crisp white wine with  delightful tropical flavors & a hint of honey.  Considered a “white”, it exudes a natural golden hue on the vine and in the bottle.  It can be made into a table, dessert or ice wine.




La Crescent: Our distinctive white wine with lively fruit flavors and fragrant floral aromas.  It is reminiscent of a Riesling and it’s high acidity provides for an excellent dessert of late harvest wine.  A very popular wine with our visitors.




giddyGiddy Up: Unique to Huntington River, crisp and light with a hint of pear and floral notes.





starStar Grazing: One of our popular blends with floral notes, fruit and honey.