Huntington River Vineyard

Huntington River Vineyard is located on the sloping hills of Galloping Hill Farm in Huntington, Vermont. Former hay fields and pastures are now growing grapevines, currently nine different varieties and all considered to be ‘cold hardy’.
‘Cold hardy’ simply means that the grapes can withstand Vermont’s winter months when temps dip well below zero.  
Obviously, this is a key piece in having a successful vineyard in the Northeast. The grapes that thrive in certain climates; such as California or parts of Europe are proven to make great wine and require a very different climate than we have here.   The grapes that we have planted in our fields can also make great wine- just with names you aren’t familiar with.  We encourage you to try Vermont wine.  Keep in mind that many wineries throughout the state import their grapes from elsewhere.  We grow and bottle everything here on the farm.